Spirit of December

For me, the spirit of December is about cycles and presence. I hope you have the opportunity to experience the season in a way that feels comfortable for you. Read the December edition elsii e-news.

Exploring Identity @ RMG

It has been a life-long habit to spend countless hours pouring through family photographs. I am enthralled by the expression and perception of a moment through a photo. A very interesting topic in the age of social media… When I create art, I like to extract and add elements from photographs to give them them new life and meaning – … Read More

Valentine Vessel @ SG

Put your heart in it and create a nature printed platter. Join me on Sunday, February 3rd and 17th for an adventure through the creative process and enjoy a  meaningful experience to help you connect to nature and yourself. Learn more.  



The Selfie has become an ubiquitous way to present ourselves on-line. The information and images that we share tells a story about who we are. What happens to the experiences and information left behind? #ExposingMySelfie includes many images that I generally leave behind. Embracing it all! View the video.