Headed to the Homeland

I’m headed to the homeland! I am interested to observe the parallels between what is happening in Portugal and what is happening in the Durham Region. Both are experiencing a genesis of sorts. Read the June edition of Elsii E-News.

Honouring Linda

Linda was mama to many. As the Director/Curator of the Station Gallery in Whitby for 30 years, she welcomed all artists… and if you were willing to help the cause, she would feed you too! My appreciation for her role in my life has certainly grown throughout the years. She mothered us with support, love and appreciation. It was so … Read More

Your Vivid Life by Shayne Traviss

Do you know Shayne Traviss? He was born and raised in the Durham Region and is the founder of VividLife.me, a personal development website accessed by millions of people around the globe. Shayne is now Author of Your Vivid Life, An Invitation to Live a Radically Authentic Life… soon to be released (October 8, Watkins Publishing)! The world needs this … Read More

1C1, DC, Clarington

Recently, Ali Hirji, Project Manager of the AI Hub at Durham College, my partner and I met with Mayor Foster, Clarington and CBOT representatives for discussions related to AI initiatives in our municipality. We look forward to exciting times ahead!

UP! Series Sales Talk Sponsor

1COMMUNITY1 is thrilled to sponsor the UP! Series Sales Talks in collaboration with the Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD), Del Duca / Auddino, RBC Wealth Management and Town of Whitby. For us, it is the perfect collaboration. Each sponsor has a role to play and does it very well!