Visioning 2020

I find that the best way to gain insight is to go inward.. and there is no better guide than nature. The process of going inwards helps me be the person I need to be – to go to the heart of a challenge no matter how difficult and to vision the next best steps for me. Read the Jan … Read More

OPG at Electric City

Jason Wight, CIO of Ontario Power Generation was at The Venue in Peterborough as the Guest Speaker for the Electric City Talks via Innovation Cluster and Cleantech Commons. He spoke about the importance of innovation in the industry and in entrepreneurship and talked about nuclear energy and how technologies are changing to favour clean and sustainable energy sources.

Housing and Homes

Durham Region Non-Profit Housing Corporation is working on a pilot project to bring affordable micro homes to the region. A 320 sq ft converted shipping container home currently resides in the DRNPHC parking lot in Oshawa. The compact home is completely accessible and has everything that is needed to live with dignity at an affordable cost. 1COMMUNITY1 is excited to … Read More

Connection to Costume

The role of clothing and costume in creating identity is a significant aspect of my work. Over the course of a year, I created costumes for five characters represent archetypes of women in fairytales – queen, princess, crone, godmother and pauper. Through an interactive media-rich installation I explored the role of fairy tale and fiction in permeating perceptions of women … Read More