The Light Side of Dark

In our culture, we often avoid, repress, deny or minimize experiences and emotions that are perceived and judged as negative. Yet it is precisely when circumstances are beyond our control (such as now), that darkness and difficult emotions can come to the surface. Be kind to yourself and bring light to the dark – feel what is arising with curiosity, … Read More

Taste of the Wild

I am adding more nutrient dense wild plants to my diet. These are some of the foraged greens collected in my yard. I have been sautéing day lilies (smooth green stalks) with wild garlic mustard, stinging nettle and lemon balm. I also enjoy daily teas with chaga, mullein, cedar, olive leaves and other wild plants.

Maple Goodness

In March, I made it part of my routine to gather maple water from the trees and boil it throughout the day. I also drank the maple water frequently. Full of electrolytes, the fresh maple water kept me alert, hydrated and connected to the earth. The whole process lead to one pitcher of maple syrup!