Pillar of Faith

I had no idea what day it is today but as I poured my tea, I had a flash of two extraordinary girls singing a familiar song. When I looked at the date, I realized that it was the anniversary of a significant event that has become a pillar of faith for me. It stopped me in my tracks – … Read More

Lennon and Maisy – A Story

On this day eight years ago, I was part of a remarkable experience that reminds me that when the time is right, the universe will conspire to make things happen and that with focused intention, hard work, love and joy, miracles can happen. Read more. #LennonandMaisy #VideosThatGoViral #RealDeal

Calling Us Home

Like many of you, I am shifting – gently figuring out my place in this new world while attempting to stay healthy and support and sustain the needs of my family. If we let our instincts and interests guide us, I think we will forge new and innovative paths that are in alignment with ourselves, the earth and all beings. … Read More

A Hearty Laugh

A hearty laugh before the “Let’s Chat” video call lead by Your Vivid Life’s Shayne Traviss. So grateful to share thoughts about sustainability via The Hive Centre and 1COMMUNITY1. It was a full zoom room with interesting perspectives and insights on how people are navigating this unchartered territory. What a great ending with Jeremiah Hill’s beautiful version of “Feeling Good”. … Read More

Plant Perfection

I am always in awe of the natural environment, particularly in Spring when everything begins to bloom. Plants and trees amaze me for their ability to endure and grow despite challenges. Thankfully, I was able to forage for fiddle heads before they became ferns (avant le petite snowstorm). Blink and you miss them – you have to move quickly if … Read More

Queen Bee

The Hive is honoured to be featured in the latest edition of the Spark Centre‘s Business & Innovation Magazine. I love the layout, imaging and content… and we are in good company with many amazing community builders and innovators from our region. Read the Queen Bee article on pp. 38-39 to find out a little about how The Hive came … Read More

Let’s Chat!

Lead by VividLife’s Shayne Traviss, we will be engaging in a much needed conversation on May 14th at 7pm EST to discuss what we are experiencing, how we feel about it, and how we can create a more sustainable world inside and out. Join my dear friend Shayne Traviss, with a Special Musical performance by Jeremiah Hill, and I for … Read More