Re-Setting Reality

It feels like the world is on pause… nature and our true nature is calling. We can live in fear and let this amplify our disconnection with each other or we can go inward, focus on the things that matter, get healthy and cultivate compassion. Read the March edition of Elsii E-News.

In Like a Lion

Every decade has an essence. The 1920s were about modernity, technology and consumerism. 100 yrs later, we are seeing the impacts of this movement. 2020 has come in like a lion — my hope is that we go out like a lamb in 2029 — let’s make good choices and set the tone! Read the February Edition.

Visioning 2020

I find that the best way to gain insight is to go inward.. and there is no better guide than nature. The process of going inwards helps me be the person I need to be – to go to the heart of a challenge no matter how difficult and to vision the next best steps for me. Read the Jan … Read More

Art and Innovation

I learned many skills in art school that have been essential throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Critical thinking and creativity top the list. Being a conceptual artist is a lot like being an entrepreneur. Without creativity and critical thinking, there is no innovation. Read Elsii E-News.

Humanizing Tech

It’s been one year since I committed to getting out into the community and sharing my perspectives. What a journey it’s been – the best part has been to learn about the needs and strengths of the community and to connect with diverse people throughout the region. Through 1COMMUNITY1 and The Hive we are working on solutions with partners that … Read More

Fear and Possibility

Big changes are afoot – this can be fearful but full of possibility. It’s time to use unique skills, interests and abilities to address real-world challenges with creative solutions. It’s time to work together to realize shared objectives. It’s time for change! Read the October edition of Elsii E-News.

It’s Still Summer!

There are 19 more days of summer and I am committed to participating in experiences that celebrate the season. For me the best part of summer is walking with bare feet, feeling the warmth and comfort of the sun, connecting with bodies of water, observing plant life and consuming nutrient rich wild food. Click to read the latest edition of … Read More

Portals and Perspectives

Recently, I had the good fortune to visit Portugal with my family. Going to Portugal is like stepping through a portal. Every time I return, I am able delve deeper into my history and learn about myself. Knowing more about my background makes me stronger more determined to live a life of purpose. Read the July issue of Elsii E-News.

Headed to the Homeland

I’m headed to the homeland! I am interested to observe the parallels between what is happening in Portugal and what is happening in the Durham Region. Both are experiencing a genesis of sorts. Read the June edition of Elsii E-News.

The I in Mission

This picture of me is at the new Spark Centre location in Oshawa. Although accidental, I love the placement of my body in relation to the word “mission” behind me. I think everyone has something special and unique to communicate to the world. What is your mission and how do you deliver your message? Read the May edition of Elsii … Read More