Whispering Wisdom

Going through COVID is like living with chronic illness – many are reaching their surge capacity. Revel in the moments of joy, appreciation and respite and use those moments to set intentions, and fuel your resolve to keep going and keep creating. Read more.

The Big Reveal

It has been 9 months since the pandemic began – the gestation period to conceive, incubate & give birth to new life. In some ways, many of us have been giving birth to a new existence. The Big Reveal is YOU! The real you who is here to contribute in only the way that you can. Read more.

Voice to Vision

As an artist, I started giving voice to vision long ago. And although it is a necessary and natural process for me, expressing your truth is not without risk. At the moment, Mother Earth is my boss, directing my communication. Read Voice to Vision.

COVID & Clarity

There is no doubt that these are difficult times to navigate and adapt to – what I find interesting is that collectively, we seem to be finding clarity amidst COVID and teachings in the turbulence. I consider this to be a time of incubation – for birthing ourselves and the beginnings of a new reality. Read the October Edition of Elsii … Read More

Sole to Soul

Almost half a year has passed since COVID hit. I have found that even those who are living with others have been on a journey of solitude. It feels like this is THE TIME to clear out the cobwebs, ground and prepare ourselves to enter into our life purpose. Let nature be your guide and feel the healing energy of … Read More

Grow Where You’re Planted

It is very heartening to see so many people deepening their connection and appreciation for nature and the local community. I feel deeply that this trend will continue and that we will all grow where we’re planted. Read the July edition of Elsii E-News.

Essential You

As we grow, we learn that we are constantly being judged and even persecuted because of our appearances or preferences. In essence, we learn that we are not valued for who we are. To get to our trueself can be the journey of a lifetime. Safe spaces can help – so can #nature. Read Essential You.

Calling Us Home

Like many of you, I am shifting – gently figuring out my place in this new world while attempting to stay healthy and support and sustain the needs of my family. If we let our instincts and interests guide us, I think we will forge new and innovative paths that are in alignment with ourselves, the earth and all beings. … Read More

The Light Side of Dark

In our culture, we often avoid, repress, deny or minimize experiences and emotions that are perceived and judged as negative. Yet it is precisely when circumstances are beyond our control (such as now), that darkness and difficult emotions can come to the surface. Be kind to yourself and bring light to the dark – feel what is arising with curiosity, … Read More

Re-Setting Reality

It feels like the world is on pause… nature and our true nature is calling. We can live in fear and let this amplify our disconnection with each other or we can go inward, focus on the things that matter, get healthy and cultivate compassion. Read the March edition of Elsii E-News.