I’ve Been Bit – In Clarington

The Hive Centre and Stay was recently featured in Travel Blog – I’ve Been Bit – in an article titled “You’ll Fall For These Awesome Things to Do in Clarington, Ontario”. Author and former guest of The Hive, Lindsay, explores some of the amazing things to do in Clarington as well as the features and characteristics that make our community … Read More

Sweet Music at The Hive

It was quite thrilling to hear the sound of soulful music emanating from The Hive Stay in early September. A group of incredible musicians came together to get creative. Their inspired energy resulted in numerous original songs. Can’t wait for the next event! 

Pillar of Faith

I had no idea what day it is today but as I poured my tea, I had a flash of two extraordinary girls singing a familiar song. When I looked at the date, I realized that it was the anniversary of a significant event that has become a pillar of faith for me. It stopped me in my tracks – … Read More

OPG at Electric City

Jason Wight, CIO of Ontario Power Generation was at The Venue in Peterborough as the Guest Speaker for the Electric City Talks via Innovation Cluster and Cleantech Commons. He spoke about the importance of innovation in the industry and in entrepreneurship and talked about nuclear energy and how technologies are changing to favour clean and sustainable energy sources.

Honouring Linda

Linda was mama to many. As the Director/Curator of the Station Gallery in Whitby for 30 years, she welcomed all artists… and if you were willing to help the cause, she would feed you too! My appreciation for her role in my life has certainly grown throughout the years. She mothered us with support, love and appreciation. It was so … Read More

Your Vivid Life by Shayne Traviss

Do you know Shayne Traviss? He was born and raised in the Durham Region and is the founder of VividLife.me, a personal development website accessed by millions of people around the globe. Shayne is now Author of Your Vivid Life, An Invitation to Live a Radically Authentic Life… soon to be released (October 8, Watkins Publishing)! The world needs this … Read More

Love You Linda

In Portuguese culture, Fatima Day is celebrated on May 13th. It is the first recorded day that three children (Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco) claimed to be visited by the apparition of Fatima in 1917. It is also the anniversary date of my grandfather’s death which has always given my mother some comfort. On May 13th, 2019, we received news that … Read More

Can’t Stop This Saga – PT4

Recently, we had a man named Vishnu visit us for a tour of The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee. Prompted by the visit, I decided to further explore the connection between Vishnu and Saraswati. What I found was information regarding a festival – Vasant Panchami – to celebrate the coming of Spring and to honour Saraswati. This year, the … Read More

Fun with Flowers

Flowers inspire me to create mandalas. I set an intention and get lost in pattern and colour. This mandala was made with flowers from my mom. It is a gift and an offering – created with the intention to encourage successful collaboration between women and men.

Immigration and Integration

Choosing to immigrate and integrate is incredibly brave. He arrived in the Durham Region without work and without knowing the language or culture. Of all the places in the world, this is where he ended up – changing the Faria destiny forever. For me, there is nothing random about it. I have always felt that I am here for a … Read More