Getting to Know Saraswati – PT3

After being gifted a Saraswati Veena in a dream by whom I believe to be Kabir, I began learning about the instrument and its namesake, Saraswati. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge, Wisdom, Music, Arts and Nature. I am getting to know her and I love her already! Read Part 1 – Turning to Gold Read Part 2 – … Read More

Participant & Coach

I have had a long history with Community Innovation Lab and recently participated in a year long  program for female founders – The Refinery’s Next 25. I’m a big fan of utilizing resources and services in the community that help individuals and businesses. The information gained from the experience has had a tremendous impact on our business. A big shout … Read More

Turn Me to Gold! PT1

An unexpected Trip to Toronto and was just what I needed! My friend Shayne has a way of knowing exactly when to reach out. As I was thinking of him, he sent me a message and invited me to join him for an event in Toronto. I said yes without thinking of the presentation I had to prepare for the … Read More

Meet Maralyn

I met Maralyn Tassone almost 7 years ago. A temporary Marketing Specialist position opened up at the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre (DRUHC) and I applied. Maralyn is the Executive Director for DRUHC and I was interviewed by her… periodically, she would look up to smile and offer encouragement. I got the job and am grateful to still work as … Read More