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Call of Water

Water is the hottest element of 2020! Many are hearing the call of water because it is essential to our being. Did you know that our bodies are made up of 80% water at birth? When our levels reach 50%, we die. Incredibly, research demonstrates how water changes with intention. Stay hydrated and give love and gratitude to water and yourself whenever you can. Your body will thank you! Read about quantum physics and cold water.

Wild Views

Coming Soon! Exploring All Things Barefoot, Wild + Free. Hosted by Shayne Traviss + Elsii Faria

Calling Us Home

Like many of you, I am shifting – gently figuring out my place in this new world while attempting to stay healthy and support and sustain the needs of my family. If we let our instincts and interests guide us, I think we will forge new and innovative paths that are in alignment with ourselves, the earth and all beings. Read the newsletter.

Queen Bee

The Hive is honoured to be featured in the latest edition of the Spark Centre's Business & Innovation Magazine. I love the layout, imaging and content... and we are in good company with many amazing community builders and innovators from our region. Read the Queen Bee article on pp. 38-39 to find out a little about how The Hive came to be. Big thanks to Central Counties Tourism for the photos on p. 39 via Barry Best Photography

A Hearty Laugh

A hearty laugh before the “Let’s Chat” video call lead by Your Vivid Life’s Shayne Traviss. So grateful to share thoughts about sustainability via The Hive Centre and 1COMMUNITY1. It was a full zoom room with interesting perspectives and insights on how people are navigating this unchartered territory. What a great ending with Jeremiah Hill’s beautiful version of “Feeling Good”. #ItsANewDawn #ItsANewDay

Let’s Chat!

Lead by VividLife’s Shayne Traviss, we will be engaging in a much needed conversation on May 14th at 7pm EST to discuss what we are experiencing, how we feel about it, and how we can create a more sustainable world inside and out. Join my dear friend Shayne Traviss, with a Special Musical performance by Jeremiah Hill, and I for an inspirational and interactive chat. Email to register.

The Light Side of Dark

In our culture, we often avoid, repress, deny or minimize experiences and emotions that are perceived and judged as negative. Yet it is precisely when circumstances are beyond our control (such as now), that darkness and difficult emotions can come to the surface. Be kind to yourself and bring light to the dark - feel what is arising with curiosity, non-judgement, compassion and understanding. Read The Light Side of Dark.

Re-Setting Reality

It feels like the world is on pause... nature and our true nature is calling. We can live in fear and let this amplify our disconnection with each other or we can go inward, focus on the things that matter, get healthy and cultivate compassion. Read the March edition of Elsii E-News.

Going UP!

The first UP! Sales Talk of the year was bigger and better with more than 200 people registered for event in Ajax. Ryan Smolkin of Smoke's Poutinerie, Audrey Jamieson of Marketing Kitchen and Mark & Carissa Stewart of WonderMakr did not disappoint! They offered insight, entertainment and value to everyone who attended.  Click to view some of the media from the March event.

citizen + business + government

Designed to help entrepreneurs learn how to grow financially, Community Innovation Lab offers a full day of learning and inspiration at the Finance UNConference. Between 4:15pm - 5:15pm, I will be holding a Masterclass workshop on how citizens, businesses and government can work together to create high value communities. Join us on February 26th at the Durham College Centre for Food. Click to learn more.

In Like a Lion

Every decade has an essence. The 1920s were about modernity, technology and consumerism. 100 yrs later, we are seeing the impacts of this movement. 2020 has come in like a lion — my hope is that we go out like a lamb in 2029 — let's make good choices and set the tone! Read the February Edition.

Visioning 2020

I find that the best way to gain insight is to go inward.. and there is no better guide than nature. The process of going inwards helps me be the person I need to be – to go to the heart of a challenge no matter how difficult and to vision the next best steps for me. Read the Jan edition of Elsii E-News.

Innovations in Safety
Access IO - an incredible initiative in the Durham Region to showcase new technologies, support innovation, promote investment and grow the Canadian economy - focused on Community Safety and Well Being in November. Investors, government representatives and community stakeholders gathered at Whitby Fire Department's HQ to hear from several startup companies that are developing innovative technologies for first responders, health and safety industries. View media from the event.
Fireside with Female Founders
As part of the Do It in Durham line-up, the Spark Centre held a fireside chat with strong female founders at Little Beasts Brewing Co. in Whitby. CEO of the Spark Centre, Sherry Colbourne moderated a discussion with a panel of amazing women including Carissa Stewart of Wondermakr, Diane Kellow of Durham Recruiting,  Natasha Cultraro of Investor’s Choice Property Management and Erin Broadfoot of Little Beasts. View the video.
Art and Innovation
I learned many skills in art school that have been essential throughout my entrepreneurial journey. Critical thinking and creativity top the list. Being a conceptual artist is a lot like being an entrepreneur. Without creativity and critical thinking, there is no innovation. Read Elsii E-News.
Humanizing Tech
It's been one year since I committed to getting out into the community and sharing my perspectives. What a journey it's been – the best part has been to learn about the needs and strengths of the community and to connect with diverse people throughout the region. Through 1COMMUNITY1 and The Hive we are working on solutions with partners that integrate the best of humanity with the best of technology. Read Elsii E-News.
DC and 1C1 Kickoff Soon!
We had the absolute pleasure of working with Durham College DC ORSIE / AI Hub students through a CVTA grant. The personable, knowledgeable and competent team helped create the structural foundation for the 1COMMUNITY1 on-line platform. The purpose is to connect citizen, business and government on a municipal level. As of November 11 the first phase of the project was completed... A kick-off is coming soon!
Dnext in Durham
Dnext, an innovation and investors summit, was held at the Ontario Tech University at the Automotive Centre for Excellence. Woven throughout the conference was dialogue about the human element in relation to technology. My favourite part - Mike Downie! Amazing things happening in the DR. Click to view a short video.
Launch of Equation Angels
On October 10th, three dynamic angel groups from Southern Ontario – the Golden Triangle Angel Network (Kitchener-Waterloo), Angel One (Burlington), South Western Ontario Angels (London) combined to create Equation Angels, the second-largest angel investor network in Canada. 1COMMUNITY1 was the media partner for the event. View photos and videos.
Fear and Possibility
Big changes are afoot - this can be fearful but full of possibility. It's time to use unique skills, interests and abilities to address real-world challenges with creative solutions. It's time to work together to realize shared objectives. It's time for change! Read the October edition of Elsii E-News.
Absolute Authenticity
Absolute Authenticity? Well, it's a goal and I work at it. My friend, Shayne Traviss, has helped me along the way. It is a rare individual who will tell you exactly what he thinks. I came to realize that Shayne's messages were gifts and have been immeasurably helped by them as have many others. Shayne's book Your Vivid Life: An Invitation to Live a Radically Authentic Life hits is available on October 8th!
Chronic Pain & Cannabis
Last month, Wayne Cockburn, President and COO of The Clinic Network Canada Inc., a leading provider of chronic pain management services including medical cannabis in Canada, was the guest speaker at UP! Series Sales Talks. For the first time since I have attended, participants were more interested in the product than the sales strategies! View the overview video or the entire presentation.
Evolution of Employment
My partner and I attended and documented the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre's (DRUHC) 36th Annual General Meeting in September. Guest Speaker, Angela Hoyt, spoke of significant changes to employment service delivery in Ontario over the next couple of years. Addressing the needs of employers and job seekers through innovation and collaboration will be key! Click to view a short video of the event.
College & Community
1COMMUNITY1 partnered with Durham College DC ORSIE and the AI Hub in the development of 1C1 technology designed to create meaningful connections between citizen, business and government on a municipal level. Phase I of the project is almost complete thanks to the amazing team at DC and generous funding via the College Voucher for Technology Adoption (CVTA), Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). This is just the beginning...
It's Still Summer!
There are 19 more days of summer and I am committed to participating in experiences that celebrate the season. For me the best part of summer is walking with bare feet, feeling the warmth and comfort of the sun, connecting with bodies of water, observing plant life and consuming nutrient rich wild food. Click to read the latest edition of my newsletter.
Security at CISO
I was fortunate to be invited to attend CISO Forum Canada in Niagara Falls. The high-level 2-day event organized by siberX, EC-Council and Durham College ORSIE Department and the AI Hub was truly impressive, full of useful information, perspectives, great food and company – including a large contingent of government and business representatives from the Durham Region. View the 1C1 video.
Portals and Perspectives
Recently, I had the good fortune to visit Portugal with my family. Going to Portugal is like stepping through a portal. Every time I return, I am able delve deeper into my history and learn about myself. Knowing more about my background makes me stronger more determined to live a life of purpose. Read the July issue of Elsii E-News.
wonderMaker Change Makers
Last month, we met the wonderMaker Change Makers – Mark Stewart and Carissa Ball Stewart. It is wonderful to get to know many of the amazing people right here in our backyard.... grateful for opportunities to learn from others and connect in the real-world at the UP! Series Sales Talks. Click to view the media elements from the June event.
Durham College Collaboration
We are moving ahead on a collaborative project with Durham Colleges AI Hub under the direction and guidance of Vibha Tyagi. Big thanks to Mayor Adrian Foster and the Municipality of Clarington for endorsing and supporting our joint efforts! More info soon.
Access IO @ OPG
1COMMUNITY1 was thrilled to attend and help document the Access IO @ Ontario Power Generation event – an invitation-only, high-energy and high-impact  to support innovation and grow the Canadian economy. Click to view Access iO @ Ontario Power media from the event.
UP! Series Sales Talk Sponsor
1COMMUNITY1 is thrilled to sponsor the UP! Series Sales Talks in collaboration with the Business Advisory Centre of Durham (BACD), Del Duca / Auddino, RBC Wealth Management and Town of Whitby. For us, it is the perfect collaboration. Each sponsor has a role to play and does it very well!
The I in Mission
This picture of me is at the new Spark Centre location in Oshawa. Although accidental, I love the placement of my body in relation to the word "mission" behind me. I think everyone has something special and unique to communicate to the world. What is your mission and how do you deliver your message? Read the May edition of Elsii E-News.
At Home in Durham
We have been out and about quite a lot – learning from local businesses, attending community functions and enjoying attractions in the region. I hope you take time to get to know the incredible people, places and spaces right here in the Durham Region. Click to read Elsii E-News.
Community and Economy
Through 1COMMUNITY1, we are working on a special assignment with the Town of Ajax, Economic Development Department. We have been speaking with business owners and CEOs to learn about the key factors that help their businesses succeed. The theme that continuously surfaces is the importance of community in building and growing business. More soon!
The Miracle of March
March brings promise. A promise of warm, light and lovely days. A promise of growth, renewal and hope. The Miracle of March is here! Read Elsii E-News.
What Makes You You?
What a different world it would be if we were able to use our strengths, abilities and interests to service ourselves and our communities? I love hearing people talk about what makes them tick - there are so many around us with talents unknown. View the video.
Fresh into February
January was a storm of activity with much needed days of rest and play in between. Fresh into February and looking forward to what this month has in store! Click to read Elsii E-News.
Guest Speaker at BDC
On January 22nd, 2019, I was a Guest Speaker at the BDC WE Talk Business Boot Camp for female founders. I shared my entrepreneurial journey and offered insights into being a business owner. Special thanks to Community Innovation Lab for making the connection! Click to view the video.
Spirit of December
For me, the spirit of December is about cycles and presence. I hope you have the opportunity to experience the season in a way that feels comfortable for you. Read the December edition elsii e-news.
What Community Wants
My partner and I have been out in the community representing the corporation that we founded in 2009 – 1COMMUNITY1. We've been listening to the concerns, needs and wants of the community and will be using the feedback to evolve 1C1. Read the November edition of Elsii E-News.
DRUHC_ENews e-updates for Business
At 1COMMUNITY1, I help businesses and not-for-profits engage with new and existing clients through visualized e-updates containing useful, relevant and interesting information. View Employment E-News - a monthly e-newsletter that helps position DRUHC as experts in their field.
On Community Engagement
On Nov 28th, the Business & Professional Women of Durham (BPW Durham) hosted a dinner meeting with the them of engagement. As the guest speaker, I explored what community engagement means, shared best practices and potential solutions. Interested in learning more about community engagement for your business? Connect with me.  
Communications Strategy
Developed and executed a marketing and communications strategy for the Durham Welcome Centres including a brand update, a refreshed monthly e-news and printed publication, program recommendations and partner building. I can help your business. Connect with me.
Marketing for DRUHC
1COMMUNITY1 provides marketing, design and technological support for the Durham Region Unemployed Help Centre (DRUHC). In 2017, we launched an accessible, user-friendly website with up-to-date content, imaging and technology. The site includes a Job Portal for employers to post positions and for job seekers to search for positions. Visit the website.
Marketing & Outreach
As the Marketing Director for 1COMMUNITY1, I work with organizations to develop marketing and communication initiatives that offer exposure and increase engagement, as well as strengthen brand and stakeholder relations. Learn more by connecting with me.