Go natural and wild for good health. Join me.

Crispy Plantain If you take a walk this season, you will likely find plantain beneath your feet. Plantain's seeds and leaves are edible and nutrient rich. Gather plantain from an area that has not been sprayed. Lightly coat leaves with olive/avocado oil, himalayan salt and other herbs. Cook at 175 degrees for 1hr+. Join Me at Durham College Have you ever wondered about wild food? It’s everywhere, it’s free and it’s super nutritious. Join me on April 25 & May 19 at Durham College for a wild food cooking, tasting and learning experience. Click on the dates to register - April 25 & May 19. From The Hive - BEE Healthy and Wild Sessions. Garden Inspired Salad Take a walk and spruce up a salad. You may find some delicious wild edibles in your garden - try dandelion greens and flowers, violets, nasturtiums and clovers. Add fresh herbs, lemon juice and olive oil for a delicious powerhouse meal.  Make sure plants have not been sprayed. Wild Walks & Tastings Take a walk and learn a little about the plants that grow wild at The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee. Feel the powerful effects of forest bathing and participate in an interactive cooking session and tasting. Click for information. Durham College Advisory Since 2016, I have been part of Durham College's Food & Farming Program Advisory Committee as Co-owner/Director of The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee. I offer insight about food trends and sustainable business practices within the industry and community. The Hive is thrilled to support Durham College's field-to-fork programs. In Like a Lion

Every decade has an essence. The 1920s were about modernity, technology and consumerism. 100 yrs later, we are seeing the impacts of this movement. 2020 has come in like a lion — my hope is that we go out like a lamb in 2029 — let's make good choices and set the tone! Read the February Edition.

Toronto Bloggers at The Hive

A magical night and day with amazing writers/artists from Toronto Bloggers Collective. We played, explored, learned and, shared. Than you for a delicious vegan meal from Copper Branch Bowmanville and Twenty 1 Desserts. Big thanks Central Counties Tourism, York Durham Headwaters & Durham Tourism and everyone who made it happen! View the video.

Holi Celebration

Sometimes special people come along and give you what you didn't know you needed. What an incredible gift from Shayne Traviss and Timm - a Holi Celebration at the Timm David Shampoo Company. It was a feast for the senses - kundalini movement, meditative music, indian cuisine, flower confetti and a community of people to celebrate with. So much gratitude. View the video.

The Power of Plants

Soon edible wild plants will be everywhere. It is the perfect time to take advantage of the power of plants to strengthen our immune systems with a high dosage of nutrients. Did you know that every part of the dandelion is edible and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? And there are many others plants that can help too... It's easy to make a tea, salad or pesto with wild food. Learn more about plants that heal:

Re-Setting Reality

It feels like the world is on pause... nature and our true nature is calling. We can live in fear and let this amplify our disconnection with each other or we can go inward, focus on the things that matter, get healthy and cultivate compassion. Read the March edition of Elsii E-News.

Delicious Dandelion

Did you know that every part of the dandelion is edible and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? Dried ground roots can be used as a substitute for coffee. Use leaves in a salad and flowers in your favourite cookie recipe. Learn more about plants that heal.

Maple Goodness

In March, I made it part of my routine to gather maple water from the trees and boil it throughout the day. I also drank the maple water frequently. Full of electrolytes, the fresh maple water kept me alert, hydrated and connected to the earth. The whole process lead to one pitcher of maple syrup!

Taste of the Wild

I am adding more nutrient dense wild plants to my diet. These are some of the foraged greens collected in my yard. I have been sautéing day lilies (smooth green stalks) with wild garlic mustard, stinging nettle and lemon balm. I also enjoy daily teas with chaga, mullein, cedar, olive leaves and other wild plants.

The Light Side of Dark

In our culture, we often avoid, repress, deny or minimize experiences and emotions that are perceived and judged as negative. Yet it is precisely when circumstances are beyond our control (such as now), that darkness and difficult emotions can come to the surface. Be kind to yourself and bring light to the dark - feel what is arising with curiosity, non-judgement, compassion and understanding. Read The Light Side of Dark.

Plant Perfection

I am always in awe of the natural environment, particularly in Spring when everything begins to bloom. Plants and trees amaze me for their ability to endure and grow despite challenges. Thankfully, I was able to forage for fiddle heads before they became ferns (avant le petite snowstorm). Blink and you miss them – you have to move quickly if you want to enjoy this delicacy (make sure to cook them thoroughly).

Calling Us Home

Like many of you, I am shifting – gently figuring out my place in this new world while attempting to stay healthy and support and sustain the needs of my family. If we let our instincts and interests guide us, I think we will forge new and innovative paths that are in alignment with ourselves, the earth and all beings. Read the newsletter.

Essential You

As we grow, we learn that we are constantly being judged and even persecuted because of our appearances or preferences. In essence, we learn that we are not valued for who we are. To get to our trueself can be the journey of a lifetime. Safe spaces can help - so can #nature. Read Essential You.

Wild Views

Coming Soon! Exploring All Things Barefoot, Wild + Free. Hosted by Shayne Traviss + Elsii Faria

Grow Where You’re Planted

It is very heartening to see so many people deepening their connection and appreciation for nature and the local community. I feel deeply that this trend will continue and that we will all grow where we're planted. Read the July edition of Elsii E-News.