Honouring Linda

Linda was mama to many. As the Director/Curator of the Station Gallery in Whitby for 30 years, she welcomed all artists… and if you were willing to help the cause, she would feed you too!

My appreciation for her role in my life has certainly grown throughout the years. She mothered us with support, love and appreciation. It was so heartwarming to see pictures of her as a child and young woman at her celebration of life gathering.

Linda was a bright beautiful soul who always did her best to live a life of purpose. Linda played a vital role in the development of arts and culture in the region.

She laid the foundation for everything the Station Gallery is today. She established the Permanent Collection, the Box Car Print Studio and was instrumental in the expansion and move of the gallery.

View the video from the Honouring Linda event that was held at The Hive Centre.

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