Love You Linda

In Portuguese culture, Fatima Day is celebrated on May 13th. It is the first recorded day that three children (Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco) claimed to be visited by the apparition of Fatima in 1917. It is also the anniversary date of my grandfather’s death which has always given my mother some comfort.

On May 13th, 2019, we received news that someone very special to us had a heart attack and stroke. I was grateful to be able to visit Linda at the hospital where we believe that she had a moment of recognition with us. A few days later she passed away.

I met Linda Paulocik at the Station Gallery in the mid 90’s when she was the Director/Curator. I was just out of school and couldn’t find an arts-related position. She asked me if I would be interested in volunteering and I said yes. There, I met many amazing friends.

Linda was a fairy godmother/mother figure to me. When I met her she was about the same age that I am now. My appreciation for her role in my life has deepened and I value her so much for many different reasons – including her contributions to arts and culture in our region.

Linda will always be my teacher, supporter and guide. Love you Linda.

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