Pillar of Faith

I had no idea what day it is today but as I poured my tea, I had a flash of two extraordinary girls singing a familiar song. When I looked at the date, I realized that it was the anniversary of a significant event that has become a pillar of faith for me. It stopped me in my tracks – after 8 years, I feel compelled to share.

Our good friends, Marylynne and Brad Stella invited us to Nashville to visit their family in 2012. We were all very excited. I remember being giddy with the butterfly feeling when we neared their home after a long journey on the road. A family of musicians, Marylynne and Brad moved to Nashville to pursue their music career. Their daughters, Lennon and Maisy, also unbelievably talented.

An interesting sequence of events lead to Lennon and Maisy getting parts on the hit series Nashville just prior to our arrival. The night before we left, Marylynne called me concerned that they may not be able to keep the parts without work visas – they had everything they needed but press. I mentioned that I could write a press release – Lennon and Maisy had already accomplished so much that I figured it would not be difficult to get some attention. It was decided – they would create a video and I would write a press release.

When we arrived it was pure love and joy. It felt like seeing long lost family. We ate delicious food, visited a medieval festival, and were serenaded with the most beautiful soul soothing sounds.

I started to write the press release and Marylynne & Brad set the stage with a simple backdrop and heavy duty mics for L&M to record the song that they had performed at their talent show, Robyn & Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend”. We listened with open hearts from the living room. They have a way of burrowing into your being with their harmonies and sound.

The video and press release were circulated. Right away, we knew that something big was happening – everybody was sharing the video. That day, we visited downtown Nashville to explore and have lunch. At that point, the youtube video had stopped displaying the hits and it had frozen at around 300 views.

The next morning, Brad woke us with some exciting news – Good Morning America called. They wanted the girls to sing in New York City in Central Park for a special segment. It was shocking to say the least. It was followed by several heavy-duty media outlets calling. I think they all knew that their lives would never be the same.

A limo picked them to take them to the airport and just like that they were gone. We stayed another night at their house and watched them on Good Morning America from their bedroom. Today their video has been viewed more than 30 million times. Indeed, their life changed.

As I said in an article I wrote a week and a day after their video went viral, they are not a flash in the pan. They are the real deal, and everyone knows it. Lennon and Maisy continue to amaze with their raw and poignant talent.

It was a remarkable experience to be a part of. It always reminds me that when the time is right, the universe will conspire to make things happen and that with focused intention, hard work, love and joy, miracles can occur.

Lennon and Maisy – Robyn & Erato’s “Call Your Girlfriend”

Lennon and Maisy Press Release 2012

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