Portugal Perspective

Going to Portugal is like going through a portal – to touch the ground that my ancestors walked on; to gather a glimpse of who my parents were; and to connect with the child within who loved playing in the sand and swimming in the ocean (I still do).

Every time I return, I am able delve deeper into my history and learn more about myself. Knowing more about my background makes me stronger more determined to live a life of purpose from my home base in Canada.

I created simple videos to share the beauty of Portugal, commemorate family time together and explore mutual interests. “Portugal Perspective” features some of the sights and sounds that have been part of my life experience. “Edible Portugal” highlights my dad talking about the edible landscape that he created in their backyard (lemon, fig, nectarine, plum amd sour cherry trees + so much more) and “Com Minha Familia” is all about our family, adventuring and bonding in Portugal. Visit my video channel or click on the images below to view.






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