Turn Me to Gold! PT1

An unexpected Trip to Toronto and was just what I needed!

My friend Shayne has a way of knowing exactly when to reach out. As I was thinking of him, he sent me a message and invited me to join him for an event in Toronto.

I said yes without thinking of the presentation I had to prepare for the next day or the fact that I had to be up early in the morning. I said yes without really knowing what the event was about. I just said yes.

As it turns out, it was an event to celebrate author Andrew Harvey’s new release, Turn Me to Gold – 108 poems of Kabir. It was unexpected and wonderful.

For hours I was transported to another time and place – listening to the passionate voice of Andrew Harvey recite and interpret the poems of 15th-century Indian mystical poet and saint, Kabir. It was inspiring and reaffirming.

So grateful for the opportunity to quench my thirst in the ocean of joy!

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